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Crested Butte Why Mud Season Is Secretly the Best

Why Mud Season Is Secretly the Best

Wikipedia’s definition of Mud Season is “a term used to denote a time period in late winter and early spring. The name comes from dirt paths such as roads and hiking trails which become muddy from melting snow and rain.” For those of you who either live in Crested Butte year round, or those who have traveled here during the mud season, you know that it can be frustrating when all you want to do is go running, mountain biking or hiking. But mud season also has its advantages.

Although the springtime does mean muddy trails, it also means longer days. After the short days and...

Crested Butte The 2016-17 Winter Season with CBMR Athlete Rob Vandervoort

The 2016-17 Winter Season with CBMR Athlete Rob Vandervoort

*After an unbelievable winter season, let's catch up with Crested Butte Mountain Resort Athlete, Rob Vandervoort, as he reveals some of the ups and downs of his 2016-17 season.


I always have a funny feeling when I leave Crested Butte in a snowstorm.

This was exactly the case on January 6, 2017, as I struggled to depart for the Freeride World Qualifier 4* competition at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Crested Butte was in the middle of snowmageddon¸ and I quickly learned that Crested Butte was being overwhelmed by feet upon feet of snow; the kind of storm that...

Crested Butte Our 10 Favorite Instagram Posts

Our 10 Favorite Instagram Posts

There are so many reasons that make this place distinctly Crested Butte. We invite you to share your photos using #onlyincrestedbutte for your chance to be featured. Below are our top 10 favorite Instagram posts from this winter season!


Crested Butte The 2016/2017 Season by the Numbers

The 2016/2017 Season by the Numbers

It’s been a winter to remember, one that will go down in Crested Buttian history ranking alongside the legendary 2007-08 season!

CBMR was open 137 days
We received 324 total inches of snow
January 2017 received 136 total inches of snow. That’s over 11 FEET!

January 2017 was the snowiest January in history. The resort shut down due to too much snow and for almost 24 hours #burythebutte was trending nationally on Twitter. Ski Patrol worked their tails off to maintain terrain and drop rope lines as quickly as possible this entire season.

Thank you Ski Patrol,...

Crested Butte The Essentials for Pond Skimming

The Essentials for Pond Skimming

I’m excited about this weekend’s LandShark Pond Skim! Hopefully, Mother Nature will provide a beautiful day to help cap off an outstanding season of skiing!

As a first-timer, I’ve been thinking about how fun and technique will come together at the pond skim. 

This is what I’m planning on:

1)    An Excellent Costume 
You know you have one! Get silly, get political, anything goes just as long as you’re having fun! If you go for a swim, a light-weight costume will make the struggle to get out of the pond a little easier. Odds are, I’ll go for a swim, so I’ll have...

Crested Butte This Week in the Butte

This Week in the Butte

We can’t believe it but we’re now reaching the end of the 2016/2017 Season. We headed into closing weekend here at Crested Butte Mountain Resort and that means it’s time to party. Pack a bag, load up the car and head to CB for a chance to go out with a splash! 

LandShark Pond Skim | April 8

The end of ski season is another excuse to celebrate, dress up in silly costumes and have wacky events, like the LandShark Pond Skim, where contestants skim across water on their skis and snowboards. The male and female...

Crested Butte Preventing Injuries by Dr.  Elfenbein

Preventing Injuries by Dr. Elfenbein

When the snow is falling and the mountains are calling, what can you do to protect yourself from ski and snowboard injuries? The answer is plenty - both physical and mental preparation for the slopes is key. Whether it is resort, backcountry, or cross-country riding that gets you jazzed, the right preparation can make all the difference.

Start by taking stock of your fitness level. If you haven't gotten off the couch since last fall, then pre-season fitness training will help strengthen the legs, improve your aerobic capacity, and allow you to enjoy your sport more. If it is too...

Crested Butte Things To Do in Crested Butte This Spring if the Weather is Chilly

Things To Do in Crested Butte This Spring if the Weather is Chilly

Things are starting to green up around here, and the tulips are popping out of the ground (although with the new snow, you might be hard pressed to find them).  But don’t let that fool you, we’re still very much in our “second winter” in Crested Butte, affectionately known as “spring.” 

Last week, I posted this article highlighting what to do in Crested Butte this spring if the weather is sunny and warm.  But with colder temps in the forecast this week, it’s only right to follow up...

Crested Butte Things To Do in Crested Butte This Spring if the Weather is Nice

Things To Do in Crested Butte This Spring if the Weather is Nice

If you’ve spent time in Colorado at all, you may have noticed, or heard, that if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.  To say our weather is fickle is an understatement—especially in the high mountains of Crested Butte.  In spring time, this is especially true.  Tis the season for serious layering, packing a heavy duty rain coat everywhere (and the puffy, of course), bringing boots to work and keeping spare flip flops in your car.  You have to be prepared for literally anything in the high country during spring time.

But what if the weather has graced Crested Butte with...

Crested Butte 8 Great Restaurants Open This Spring!

8 Great Restaurants Open This Spring!

Crested Butte is officially in the days of spring—where the weather gets particularly weather-y, jumping from one extreme to the next in a matter of minutes.  We’re in the months of classic Colorado spring time confusion, where you layer up to be prepared for anything the day could hold, from sunny skies, to rain, and of course feet of snow.  Spring time in the Rockies, though quiet, is an exciting time of year.

When the off-season hits, many stores and restaurants in Crested Butte shut their doors for spring cleaning and to let their employees stretch their legs in far off and...

Crested Butte April Bucket List

April Bucket List

The mountain is closed, there’s a slower, more relaxed pace in town after the crowds of spring break, and now is a great time to visit Crested Butte!  With the occasional spring snow storm, mixed with warmer bluebird days and the lilies starting to pop up through the ground, the Crested Butte in spring time is a lovely place.

While the crowds have left, and the locals are taking a collective load-off, there’s still a few events to round out the season before we jump (bike-tires first) into summer. 

April 8-10: Ultimate Snowmobiler

Crested Butte...

Crested Butte Closing Weekend Events Recap

Closing Weekend Events Recap

Rail Jam

To kick off Saturday's events, the Rail Jam began at noon at the bottom of Warming House Hill. The jib park was built the week before the event, and skiers and riders were able to register for the event on the Butte 66 deck up until the competition began.

Before the finals, both riders and skiers took laps in the Rail Jam park, getting a feel for the features and jumps.


Crested Butte Pre-Season Stoke: Red Mcintosh Ripping through Evolution Bike Park

Pre-Season Stoke: Red Mcintosh Ripping through Evolution Bike Park

The lifts have shut down, the snow will likely still fall for a few weeks more, but one thing is for sure--spring has sprung in Crested Butte.  Which means we're one season closer to mountain biking season in the valley.  So while we’re all patiently waiting for the mud to dry up, and for our new bike parts and gear to come in, let’s get our pre-season stoke on, shall we?  Here’s a video of Red Mcintosh ripping through Evolution Bike Park last summer, enjoying those flowy corners and progressive features—who is ready for June 11, when the Evolution Bike Park opens for summer?!


Crested Butte End of Season Thoughts from Mary Boddington

End of Season Thoughts from Mary Boddington

As the season is wrapping up I'm realizing that I’m one of the small few that wish it would keep snowing and the lifts keep turning. I have to be careful who I say this around, because most are ready for flip flops and sunshine!

To me, riding the resort is a sense of freedom: Happiness and easy living. I go into the backcountry a fair amount too, and love that. The resort is different for obvious reasons. The resort offers ease. I can go up by myself and either find random friends to ride with, or I can ride solo all day and be perfectly content.  These times are priceless to me....