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Dummy legend
Dummy legend
SkiTown Breakdown

SkiTown Breakdown

SkiTown Breakdown is April 5-7 and is a jam packed weekend with awesome skiing and riding, high energy concert events, the LandShark Pond Skim and more as we close out the 2018-19 winter season.

Friday, April 5

Front Country I Doors @ 7:30 I Crested Butte Center for the Arts

Kick off the festivities on Friday April 5th at the Center for the Arts with an evening performance by Front Country. Front Country pushes...

Who is Al Johnson?

Who is Al Johnson?

This weekend is a telemark race to honor Al Johnson. But who is Al Johnson - we did some research and wanted to share his story, 

Also don't forget to sign up for the 45th Annual Al Johnson Race this Sunday, March 24. 

The Greatest Snowshoer in the Rockies – by Duane Vandenbuche

“He was a legend in the 1880’s and 1890s in the Gunnison country and he has stayed a legend. Today, his story is told in the Colorado Ski Hall of Fame in Vail. His name was Al Johnson and he...

This Week in the Butte March 20 2019

This Week in the Butte March 20 2019

The start of spirng is kicking off in style with the amazing Al Johnson race, history tours and more! 

Elan Women’s Weekend I March 22-24

This special weekend ski experience for women with intermediate to advanced level skiing includes demos of the award-winning Elan women’s Ripstick Freeride skis, designed to explore big mountain terrain such as Crested Butte’s famed Extreme Limits.

Historic Walking District I...

This Week in the Butte March 12 2019

This Week in the Butte March 12 2019

March has come in like a lion with a lot of snow and a variety of amazing events. Make the most of your Crested Butte adventure by taking a sleigh ride, jamming to free live music, skiing with an Olympian or immersing yourself in art!

Ten Peaks Sunset Soirees I March 12 and 19

Enjoy longer days and the beautiful views from the Umbrella Bar at Ten Peaks during our Sunset Soirees from 5-7 p.m. Enjoy a sleigh ride to and from the base area, dinner, and a complimentary glass or wine or draft beer...


How Crested Butte Broke the PowCam

… And then fixed it.

Good morning fellow Buttians, 

Many of you may have heard we began clearing the PowCam at 5 a.m. effective March 1, 2019, and since then we’ve been the literal talk of the town. We heard your passion for the PowCam, but more importantly we heard the reasons why clearing the PowCam at 4 p.m. is so important to our community. Therefore, we have implemented the following changes to help you get your morning PowCam fix. 

The PowCam has officially been revamped. By affixing a plexiglass divider down the middle of the PowCam we have...


PowCam Update

As of March 1, 2019 the PowCam will be cleared at 5 a.m. daily to support our efforts in accurate and transparent snow reporting. The morning clearing of the PowCam provides our teams with the necessary visibility of the 24 hour snowfall each morning when crafting the daily snow report. 

How We Report the Snow 

A small team of groomers reads the snow stakes, including the PowCam just before 5:00 a.m. each day. Therefore, the official 24-hour snow report is the amount of snow which fell between 5:00 a.m. one morning to 5:00 a.m. the next day. That 5 a.m.- 5 a....

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a 2018-19 CMBR Season Pass

5 Reasons to Buy a 2018-19 CBMR Season Pass

Buying a Crested Butte Season Pass is worth it for so many reasons, and with a simple tiered pass structure with the Peak Pass or Peak Pass Plus there is something for both the bargain and value hunter!

Check out our top 5 reasons to buy a 2018-19 CBMR Season Pass: ​

  1. VALUE: The value of a season pass is huge! With prices starting at just $669 with unlimited winter downhill access and no blackout dates – a season pass give you full access all winter season for less than a weeks’ worth of lift tickets. Whether you are a local, second homeowner or lover of
  2. ...
Snowboarding with Mt. Teocalli in the background

A Day in the Life of a CBMR Mountain Athlete

7:00 am: Wake up and be grateful to be in this beautiful mountain town

7:01 am: Snuggle my mountain mutts

7:10 am: Let my pups outside and take in some deep breaths mountain air

7:11 am: Grab a tall glass of water – hydrate body for the physical day

7:13 am: Find a peaceful place to meditate for 10 mins – a great way to mentally prepare for the day ahead

7:23 am: Do some light stretching/yoga to warm up and loosen the body, with a focus on avoiding injuries

7:43 am: Brew some coffee (maybe most important part of the day)

7:50 am: Cook up...

This Week In The Butte March 26 2018

This Week In The Butte March 26 2018

With two more weeks left in the season, Crested Butte is not slowing down! There are several awesome, do-not-miss events this week including the last Full Moon Party and CB Unplugged featuring Todd Sheaffer and the challenging Cosmic SkiMo Race! 

Sunset Soiree I March 27
Enjoy longer days and the beautiful views from the Umbrella Bar at Ten Peaks during our Sunset Soiree. Event tickets are for sale in advance online or at the Adventure Center for $60 per person and includes dinner with...

Zero Waste Lifestyle

Words by Jake Burchmore


As a skier, I try to be consciously aware about my impact on the environment and the land we use to ski or ride. Our beloved mountains should be treated with utmost respect. By choosing the zero waste lifestyle, we can live in a healthier environment and give Mother Nature the respect she deserves. Our choices and behaviors are vital when it comes to our impact through generating waste. Moreover, diverting waste to the right places is also important for adopting this lifestyle and maintaining your practices. In 2008, Crested Butte Mountain Resort (...

This Week In The Butte March 19, 2018

This Week In The Butte March 19, 2018

It’s shaping up to be a gorgeous and fun Spring in Crested Butte. This week is no exception with amazing on-mountain experiences, adventurous races and live music to experience everything Crested Butte has to offer. 

Sunset Soiree I March 20 
Enjoy longer days and the beautiful views from the Umbrella Bar at Ten Peaks during our Sunset Soiree. Event tickets are for sale in advance online or at the Adventure Center for $60 per person and includes dinner with charcuterie, fondue, chili, paninis...

Training for the Grand Traverse

Training for the Grand Traverse

It’s coming up on two weeks until the Grand Traverse, and Niles and I are getting excited. And maybe a little nervous. We’re eager for snow, hoping for a traverse, and praying the temperatures stay around fifteen to twenty degrees overnight. I mean, let’s be honest here. Who really wants to traverse forty miles of backcountry at night with frost-nipped fingers? In our last post, Niles introduced ourselves as twin brothers who work on the resort and spend fifty percent of our time training for ski-mountaineering races. As new ski-mountaineers, we still have many skills to learn, but I...

Tucker jumping in Teo Bowl.

Balancing School and Skiing with CBMR Athlete Tucker Vollbrecht

The sound of an alarm clock at 6:30AM comes as a surprise every time. In a sleepy daze it is tough to decipher if the alarm is going off so I wake up for class or get to the mountain on time. As a college student competing in the Freeride World Qualifier (FWQ) series, it’s fun to balance the two, although much more fun when I realize the alarm is because snow was forecasted to fall overnight.  

Balancing out competitive freeride skiing and academics can be tough at times. My school, Western State Colorado University (WSCU), has...

Couple walking in downtown Crested Butte

Tips and Tricks for a Night out in Crested Butte

Wondering what to do, where to go and how to make the most of your vacation in Crested Butte? Besides skiing or riding, there are several go-to activities and restaurants to visit while you’re here. We asked a couple of Crested Butte locals to suggest some personal tips and tricks for a night out. Read more to maximize your stay and blend in like a local.

$1 Slices at 3 pm

When we asked longtime local, Nick Catmur, about what to do outside of skiing, he suggests starting your evening at the Brown Lab for après ski and $1 pizza slices after 3 pm.


2018 Spring Break in the Butte

Crested Butte Spring Break Round-Up

Nothing beats spring in Crested Butte. With a pep in our step, we whole heartedly welcome warmer days, soft turns, and patio beverages. With Spring Break around the corner we rounded-up some of the awesome activities, wacky costume events, creative outlets, and concerts, so you can squeeze every drop of Crested Butte spring goodness out of your getaway.

Music in the Butte

CB Unplugged I March 17
Check out the best FREE après concert on the mountain! On March 17 we welcome Chali 2na and The House of Vibe to Butte 66 at 4 pm, for a killer party in an...

Shred Salutations

Shred Salutations

Words by CBMR Athlete, Rob Vandervoort

I believe yoga is the single most effective form of snowboard conditioning. When I can dedicate enough time in my life to do at least a little bit of yoga each day, it helps reduce any back and neck pain and it makes me feel strong and athletic. Lastly, it gives me a sense of calm in life.

Yoga builds physical strength, especially in the core, hips and legs (great for snowboarding). Even more significant may be the mental strength that yoga encourages; it offers a moment to slow down from everyday life and let everything go. It also...

This Week In the Butte March 5 2018

This Week In the Butte March 5 2018

We have headed into March with exciting events and music! This week experience the magic of pairing food and wine, the musical phenomenon known as “looping”, or about the incredible history of Crested Butte!

Women’s Tips on Tuesdays I March 6
Come ski with like-minded women to get some ski tips, followed by tipping a glass of wine at our Umbrella Bar. This is a women’s specific session, which is guided by our top women pros. Sessions will go from 1:30 - 3:30 pm and will conclude with an après...

The Other Apres Ritual

The Other Apres Ritual

There’s nothing more rewarding, exhilarating and potentially exhausting then a day spent skiing or snowboarding. With 95 runs and 77% of terrain open, Crested Butte Mountain Resort is the ideal spot to spend all day out on the mountain.

The rush and reward of a day spent skiing is indisputable, but so is the work your muscles put in. A day on the mountain often calls for rewarding your taste buds with an après drink, but you should also reward your body with an après ski massage. Your quads, calves, glutes and back go through a tremendous workout while skiing and there’s no better...

Crested Butte This Week in the Butte

This Week in the Butte

March decided to come in like a lamb and out like a lion with over 7 inches of new snow this morning, winter has returned. OpenSnow is predicting more snow through the weekend. With a plethora of great events as well as great skiing and riding, you won’t want to miss this weekend at Crested Butte Mountain Resort. 

Ten Peaks Sunset Soiree | March 28

Enjoy longer days and the beautiful views from the Umbrella Bar at Ten Peaks during our Sunset Soirees happening over three Tuesdays this March....

Crested Butte Dear Gunnison Valley Skiers and Riders,

Dear Gunnison Valley Skiers and Riders,

I just wanted to reach out to you all as we approach the end of what has truly been a season to remember. Nearly 25’ of snow to date and open wall to wall, top to bottom for the first time since putting Teo II in the mix a few years ago. As we roll into the spring season, I wanted to help inform you of some of the challenges that the patrol faces with managing terrain on the mountain and dispel any unfounded rumors out there.

 As evidenced by the rapidly diminishing snowbanks in town and the re-emergence of long buried bikes/ cars/ kids toys etc., it has been unseasonably warm the...

Crested Butte New 3 Day Pass for $129

New 3 Day Pass for $129

Spring into savings with the 3 For All Pass, just $129 now through April 9, 2017. Pass is valid for three days of skiing or riding between April 1 – 9 or November 23 – December 15, 2017.

Valid for ages 13 and up. Limit one pass of any type per person per season. Non-transferable and non-refundable. Subject to 4% tax.


Crested Butte This Week in the Butte

This Week in the Butte

Spring is in full swing, making it an awesome time to visit Colorado’s last great ski town! Great weather, more snow on the way and fantastic events make now a great time to get to Crested Butte. Bring the whole family out for Town Series Race this Wednesday or cheer on your favorite athlete as they take on the infamous Grand Traverse! 

Ten Peaks Sunset Soiree | March 21 

Enjoy longer days and the beautiful views from the Umbrella Bar at Ten Peaks during our Sunset Soirees happening over three...

Crested Butte Concussions 101

Concussions 101

The occurrence of concussions in isolation or in combination with other injury such as a ski accident can be overlooked and neglected. A concussion is the result of the brain impacting, twisting, stretching and or bouncing off the skull from impact. This impact and stress distorts the brain cells and disrupts normal functioning in multiple ways. There is cellular chemical imbalance that results leading to disruption of oxygenation and nutrition in both baseline function as well as increased demand from the injury and need to heal. This imbalance leads to signs and symptoms of a concussion...

Crested Butte This Week in the Butte

This Week in the Butte

The sun is out and Spring Break is in full swing here at Crested Butte Mountain Resort. Paradise awaits as sunny, bluebird skies are expected through the weekend. Take in the breathtaking views, slab on the sunscreen and be sure to enjoy this week’s events! 

Ten Peaks Sunset Soiree | March 14  

Enjoy longer days and the beautiful views from the Umbrella Bar at Ten Peaks during our Sunset Soirees happening over three Tuesdays this March. Take a sleigh ride to the top of Ten Peaks for a delicious...

Crested Butte 5 Helpful Hints for Acclimatization from Griggs Orthopedics

5 Helpful Hints for Acclimatization from Griggs Orthopedics

Outdoor enthusiasts flock to Crested Butte with dreams of steep terrain, but it can take our bodies a little longer to acclimatize than our minds would like. Altitude sickness, also known as acute mountain sickness (AMS), is a concern for individuals that move rapidly from low elevations to above 8000ft, though it has been shown to occur as low as 6000ft. The town of Crested Butte sits at 8885ft, making AMS a health consideration for many visitors traveling from lower elevations, especially those at or near sea-level. But don’t fear, with a little planning and preparation you can make sure...