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Crested Butte I’m Ready to Go Uphill

I’m Ready to Go Uphill

It’s early season, the snow is covering my favorite running trails enough to keep me from running on them, but not enough to fully cover the potential ski destroying rocks hidden beneath the first layer of snow in the backcountry. The thought of an indoor gym makes me start to twitch; but for a person like me, who needs to get their daily dose of endorphins, it is essential to get out and do something. Where can we do that in a resort town, like Crested Butte? 

It’s Monday morning and the 5:02 am iPhone alarm goes off. Unexcitedly, I get out of bed and half-asleep continue my usual...

Crested Butte This Week at the Butte

This Week at the Butte

Tis’ the season for fun & games! This week at Crested Butte Mountain Resort we will be hosting holiday season events proceeded by Get the Girls Out. Hope to see you all on Saturday, December 10 for this jam packed day of fun.

Get the Girls Out | 10 am- 2 pm

Join some fabulous female CBMR Ski School Instructors and SheJumps for Get the Girls Out Women’s Ski Day, Saturday December 10, 2016. This all-female group will meet at 10 am at Coal Breaker Coffee to get booted up and break into groups. Meet back at Butte 66 at 1 pm, where each participant will be...

Crested Butte Fire Trucks, Avy Dogs and Snowcats--Oh My!

Fire Trucks, Avy Dogs and Snowcats--Oh My!

The month of January is National Safety Month!  We want you to have an epic time while you’re visiting us at Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR), which means your safety is paramount to us.  We have a number of events going on throughout the month that are not only entertaining, but highlight the different ways Crested Butte and CBMR keep you safe, healthy and on the slopes all season long.

January 2 - Patrol Dogs in the base area, starting at 1pm and Safety Month info at the Guest Service Hut

January 2 –See a Snow Groomer at the top of Painter Boy lift, 10am-1pm


Crested Butte The NEW Umbrella Bar at Ten Peaks

The NEW Umbrella Bar at Ten Peaks

Picture this:  You’ve been out all morning skiing some incredible runs, when you hear the distant call of the alpenhorn calling all skiers to the now open Umbrella Bar.  And what do you know, it’s the perfect time for a ski break.

Many things have changed at the top of Painter Boy run, and you’ll notice as soon as your chair comes out of the aspens.  Where once stood a small cabin, now a beautiful Umbrella Bar and cook’s kitchen sits, like a vision flown in from Europe. 

Depending on the day and what the weather is doing, the umbrella over the bar will either be down to...

Crested Butte Uley's Sleigh Ride Dinner

Uley's Sleigh Ride Dinner

The feeling in Tracker’s was giddy—the snow was falling an inch an hour outside, and most of us sipping our drinks at the bar were about to head out into the night on a sleigh pulled by a snowcat.  Giddy might be an understatement.

We were about to embark on a dining experience not many have had before—the Uley’s Sleigh Ride dinner at Crested Butte Mountain Resort is both a fine dining experience and a mountain adventure.  The beauty of this particular adventure, is it’s accessible to all ages, skiers or not.  It allows people that don’t ski or ride the opportunity to see the...

Crested Butte The Crested Butte Cure for your Holiday Woes

The Crested Butte Cure for your Holiday Woes

The holidays are here, and with the snow coming down (we received 31 inches in this last storm) we’re feeling pretty festive in these parts.  While the holidays are certainly a special time of year, it’s not without the occasional mishap or ailment.  So let’s take a lighthearted peek at our remedies for common holiday woes.

Family time – Remedy: family time on the ski hill

Sure, it’s wonderful getting to spend time with your family, near and far, over the holidays.  But sometimes, hanging out inside or communicating with loved ones over devices, instead of in...

Crested Butte Umbrella Bar Opens Today!

Umbrella Bar Opens Today!

We are excited to announce that the Umbrella Bar will we opening today by Noon! They will be serving beverages and the bar menu. The Cook's Cabin will open tomorrow (Merry Christmas!) with their full menu. In addition today, the bathrooms will be open when the lifts start running.

Be sure to go check out the coolest new spot on the mountain! We are really excited for this great addition to our resort!  


Crested Butte 5 Days of Holiday Giveaways

5 Days of Holiday Giveaways

Crested Butte Mountain Resort has received a gift of over two feet of snow this past week! Instead of just “re-gifting” the snow, we want to thank our valued guests who book a vacation this week.  Now through Sunday, December 27: Book a minimum of two nights lodging for any time this winter and get entered to win our daily gift for a lucky guest who books their vacation that day!  Daily prizes will be offered for bookings made December 23 – 27, but you can stay any day this winter so don’t miss out on your chance to win a gift! 


Crested Butte 12 Days of Christmas, Crested Butte Style

12 Days of Christmas, Crested Butte Style

While some of us still can't believe its already December (seriously, where did 2015 go?!), others are celebrating all things winter, and all things Christmas - 'tis the season!  Just as I was getting used to writing "2015" on everything, here we are with only 12 days until Christmas!  With all the holiday lights, and wreaths of evergreen decorating the resort, folks around here are in the holiday spirit.  With that, we're bringing you the 12 Days of Christmas - Crested Butte style!  For your daily dose of holiday spirit, stay tuned here and on our...

Crested Butte 8 Reasons Your Kids Will Beg You to Go Back to Crested Butte

8 Reasons Your Kids Will Beg You to Go Back to Crested Butte

“I think my family is at its best when we’re in the mountains in Crested Butte.” – Cole Kissam, 15 years old

How do you choose a vacation to go on that will leave everyone in the family tossing and turning the night before departure, too excited to sleep?  Easy, visit Crested Butte.  You know you’ll love our world-class skiing, beautiful accommodations and the laid-back charm of Crested Butte, but what about the kids?  If the kids are happy, everyone is happy.  So let’s count down the ways Crested Butte will leave your kids begging to come back to play....

Crested Butte December Bucket List

December Bucket List

The season is upon us, and with so many festivities lining out in December, it’s hard not to get a case of the warm-fuzzies.  Crested Butte is starting to glow with holiday lights and light poles are adorned with greenery.  So let’s tick off the events that make December a month to celebrate, and clink-glasses to another amazing year.

1. Santa Ski and Crawl – December 12

If you’re into world records, pub crawls and Christmas, this event is for you.  Join the world’s largest Santa ski this Saturday, and get a $23 lift ticket if you show up in your Santa suit (...

Crested Butte A Lesson Learned on Taking Lessons: Nordic Skiing

A Lesson Learned on Taking Lessons: Nordic Skiing

“I’ve been once or twice, but not for a few years,” I stated in response to my instructor’s question, “Have you ever been Nordic skiing before?” 

The memory of my last cross-country skiing adventure is more or less seared into my brain.  It was a beautiful, snowy winter day, and myself and around 5 other gals clicked into our skis and pointed our tips towards Mill Creek—a trail system that's not always groomed.  Having spent the last few years learning to snowboard, instead of alpine ski, those skinny skis were foreign objects to me.  Mix inexperience, with a serious cardio workout...

Crested Butte Grand Traverse Skimo Academy

Grand Traverse Skimo Academy

It’s no secret that tall mountains have inspired and lured people for hundreds of years; beckoning them to the peaks, no matter the difficulty or discomfort encountered along the way.  If not for the love of mountains and wild places of the world and of the mind, the sport of ski mountaineering would be a farfetched notion.  But it is because of the human need for something meaningful, beautiful and deeply challenging, that ski mountaineering is a sport that has caught on.  In its early days, it was simply a means to an end—a way to deliver mail to remote mining camps in California and...