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Crested Butte This Week in the Butte

This Week in the Butte

It’s starting to feel a bit like the classic movie “Groundhog Day” around here. Fitting since the beloved holiday is this Thursday! Every day Crested Buttians eat, sleep, ski and repeat. Break up your day and start February off right with these great events! 

IFSA Junior Regional Freeskiing Competition | February 4 -5 

The International Freeskiers and Snowboarders Association was established in 1996 by freeskiing pioneer Shane McConkey. The Junior Big Mountain Freeskiing and...

Crested Butte Crested Butte Banked Slalom with CBMR Athlete Rob Vandervoort

Crested Butte Banked Slalom with CBMR Athlete Rob Vandervoort

In Celebration of World Snowboard Day, Crested Butte Mountain Resort held its first ever Banked Slalom on Sunday, January 22, 2017. A banked slalom is a classic snowboarding race that features ‘banked’ turns around gates. It is a pure snowboarding event.

The course started at the top of the Cascade Terrain Park, off the Gold Link and Painter Boy lifts, and covered nearly 500 vertical feet in just over 30 turns. It had a section in the middle, dubbed “the Squeeze” by local legend Gareth Van Dyke, where the banks were exceedingly close and fast. There was another section about 2/3’s...

Crested Butte This Week in the Butte

This Week in the Butte

Crested Buttians love the outdoors and multisport days! This week offers the best of our favorite activities; skiing, snowboarding, uphill skinning, fat biking, dancing, arm wrestling and partying in GORE-TEX. Bring your friends to the Butte this week and enjoy great snow and great events!

gO SkiMo Race Series | January 25

gO Ski Mountaineering races are free and feature a new course each week with free food, raffle prizes and free beer after each race thanks to Griggs Orthopedics. Race...

Crested Butte Just Go Skiing with CBMR Athlete Mark Mikos

Just Go Skiing with CBMR Athlete Mark Mikos

I am a skier. I do not have memories of learning how to ski. Like walking, I learned to ski before I could hold onto memories, and just like walking, skiing is just a basic part of life. If there is snow, you go skiing, and that will put a smile on your face. At times in my life I forgot that skiing is just like walking: just a part of life. I would try to make it something else, I’m not sure what, but I would overthink, over-train, and over-ski. This would lead to frustration and disappointment. Not that I don’t take skiing seriously anymore, but at times I would elevate skiing to such a...

Crested Butte This Week in the Butte

This Week in the Butte

After snowmageddon I’m sure we could all use a break from shoveling and then more shoveling. Lucky for you Crested Butte Mountain Resort has great events in store for you this week. Including our first CB Unplugged Concert featuring Kyle Park! Get your fill of great music and friendly competition in before the snow returns. 

gO SkiMo Race Series | January 18

Presented by Griggs Orthopedics, these mountaineering races are free and feature a new course each week with free food, raffle prizes and free beer...

Crested Butte Snowmageddon with CBMR Athlete Rob Dickinson

Snowmageddon with CBMR Athlete Rob Dickinson

Whoever started the hashtag #burythebutte surely had no idea how prophetic it would become.

The Butte hath been buried. 

Work.  Ski.  Shovel.  Sleep.  Repeat.  This is my life lately, and I am tired and sore and happy beyond words. 

I have lived in snow country of some sort my whole life, and nearly every vacation I have been on of my own doing has been to some other snowy locale.  At 13 I slept out in a tent in my parents’ backyard in the Blizzard of ’93 in the Northeast; I’ve been in Haines, Alaska in all-time pow; I’ve had my Heli grounded by snow in Golden, BC, and...

Crested Butte #buriedthebutte


Yesterday will go down in resort history as the day we officially buried the Butte. Some reports say Crested Butte received an inch an hour, other reports claim 3 inches an hour. We just know it snowed A LOT. We want to thank you for your positive support and enthusiasm! Our Ski Patrol and Mountain Ops teams are dedicated to opening as much terrain as possible as quickly as possible. However, expect delayed openings across the mountain. Be sure to check the lift status page for up to date information and stay safe out there!


Crested Butte Griggs Orthopedics Loves to gO Uphill at Crested Butte Mountain Resort

Griggs Orthopedics Loves to gO Uphill at Crested Butte Mountain Resort

Heavy snow, gusting winds and zero visibility didn’t stop the 15 plus racers clad in both spandex one-pieces and regular old ski gear, who came out for the first Town Series Ski Mountaineering Race hosted by Griggs Orthopedics (gO) this past Wednesday evening at Crested Butte Mountain Resort. Tired ski patrollers, (who had been in their ski boots since 6:00 am that morning) and cold event staff, were spread across the 2.5 lap race course, making sure racers would be safe during the chilling, blizzard conditions. 

The course started at the base of Red Lady Lift, following the steep...

Crested Butte It Just Keeps Getting Deeper

It Just Keeps Getting Deeper

This week’s storm has us absolutely tickled with childlike joy. The skiing and riding has been all time here at Crested Butte Mountain Resort and it’s still dumping. This morning we saw 3 inches on the Gore-TEX PowCam at 5 am, and as of 9 am there are 8 inches.

Plus, it’s still dumping! Expect fresh track all morning long because this storm is supposed to ramp up again beginning at noon today. 
If you can’t join us today, we’ve added some our favorite eye candy from this storm to the gallery below.

Now let’s go ski! 

Crested Butte This Week at the Butte

This Week at the Butte

This Week at the Butte

Wow! What an awesome week it has been! Mother Nature has decided to give us on of the best Decembers in recent memory by delivering 10 Feet of snow by the New Year! With this storm track that keeps on refilling our slopes, we could see up to 30 inches of new snow by Friday. In addition to all this wonderful white stuff, we have a few happenings to keep on your radar.

gO Skimo Mountaineering Series – January 4 at 5 pm

Test your metal in the first of our gO Skimo Ski...

Crested Butte In Bed At Nine- Guest Blog Post from Justin McHeffey

In Bed At Nine- Guest Blog Post from Justin McHeffey

Hello Crested Butte! This is Meteorologist Justin McHeffey from CBS4 News in Denver. I'll break down how much we can expect from this weekend's storm and I have some good news—it may be the heaviest snow we've seen in the 'Butte this month!

Lots of ingredients are coming together for a 24–36 hour storm. Right now it looks like the Elk and West Elk Mountains will benefit from the most snow out of this system. So far this January, the highest total in a single storm cycle happened on the 20th of this month—we recorded 8" at mid-mountain. By Sunday evening (January 31) we may have over...

Crested Butte Featured Property - Lodge at Mountaineer Square

Featured Property - Lodge at Mountaineer Square

If you’re looking for affordable luxury, personalized attention, and the convenience of being located smack-dab at the center of the hustle and bustle of Mt. Crested Butte, the Lodge at Mountaineer Square is your lodging destination.

The Lodge at Mountaineer Square isn’t just located at Mountaineer Square (which includes the main stop for the free bus loop, Camp 4 Coffee, Django’s, and a cozy fire pit), it frames the square, with beautiful architecture reminiscent of a cabin in the woods.  The Lodge also features the Tracker’s Bar and Lounge, the perfect place to cozy up with an...

Crested Butte Rob Dickinson's Rules to Live By

Rob Dickinson's Rules to Live By

“Skiing. . .immediately made sense to me—turn your skis or you’ll hit that tree.  Those are rules that hold my attention” – Rob Dickinson

And with good reason. 

A tour of Rob’s Instagram feed is nothing short of a snowglobe—enticing photos of the deep stuff, mixed with hilarious commentary and other outdoor shenanigans he fills his life with.  Those sports with painful learning curves seem to be his calling card.

Rob, once a punk pre-teen on a pair of skis terrorizing West...

Crested Butte Get Caught Being Safe + WIN!

Get Caught Being Safe + WIN!

Nothing spells winter stoke like being safe and lucky.

When you’re safe out on the ski hill, it means plenty more days of skiing and riding, injury free.  So how does luck factor in?

Members of the Crested Butte Mountain Resort Safety Committee will be on the lookout for guests who are “Caught Being Safe” throughout the month of January.  January is the National Ski Areas Association Safety Awareness Month and in addition to an awesome lineup of Safety Month events, our Safety Committee members will be rewarding good safety behaviors with a $10 CBMR Gift Card. Here...

Crested Butte Maddie Baker: Up For Anything

Maddie Baker: Up For Anything

Cayla: What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

Maddie Baker: Up For Anything

When you’re hitting the slopes with seven of your cousins, these words might not be what you decide to start the day with.  What with rivalries and the competitive spirit often ingrained in family dynamics, labeling yourself as “up for anything” could be risky business.

Unless you’re Maddie Baker.

Maddie is a professional freeride skier and Crested Butte Mountain Resort athlete who has toured the world as a...

Crested Butte Featured property - Emmons Condo 428

Featured property - Emmons Condo 428

When you go on vacation, you want the ease of being a stone’s throw away from all the activities you have scheduled in your itinerary.  There’s no point in fussing with figuring out transportation.  You’re on vacation—no stress allowed. 

Combine the comforts of home, with the ease of being in the base area of Crested Butte Mountain Resort, and you have the beautiful Emmons 428 condo.

This slope-side vacation rental is an outstanding value, and is virtually ski in/ski out to the Red Lady and Silver Queen lifts.  Which eliminates the stress of figuring out how to get your group...

Crested Butte Are You Fit For Snow?

Are You Fit For Snow?

Fit For Snow is a program developed by Dr. Delia Roberts, out of Selkirk University in Canada.  It takes proven sport science principles and applies them to the snowsport workplace with the intention of reducing the number and severity of injuries that happen in a season.  “It’s a program for the occupational athlete, specifically an injury prevention and performance enhancement program for snowsport area employees.” 

The program covers four main topics, including: nutrition, hydration, core strength/posture awareness and fitness.  All of these principles can be used by guests at...

Crested Butte Events to Satisfy Your Inner Crested-Buttian

Events to Satisfy Your Inner Crested-Buttian

Happy 2016 from Crested Butte Mountain Resort!  Now that we’re in the New Year, it’s time to look at the spring events that will get your inner Crested-Buttian stoked.

But first, let’s cover the bases: what is a Crested-Buttian?  In general, the list below covers what we hold dear (in the event department, anyways).

1. A good costume party is everything: Seriously, we love dressing up.  Most events in Crested Butte are costume optional, and it’s never a surprise to see one person, or a group randomly dressed up, doing something fun.

2. We like royalty: And we have a...

Crested Butte Magic Meadows Yurt Dinner

Magic Meadows Yurt Dinner

Photo: Kurt Reise

Fine dining is an adventure in and of itself—the Chef prepares something unique, taking you through the evening one inspired dish at a time.  You leave feeling like you experienced something you haven’t before, satiated both in body and spirit.

But for those looking for something even bolder, there is a dining experience that is truly unique to Crested Butte, and it’s tucked away down a snowy trail that is illuminated by fire light. 

It’s an experience accessible to all ages.  The only prerequisite is a taste for adventure and willingness to...

Crested Butte Why YOU Should Take Advantage of Our Beginner Special

Why YOU Should Take Advantage of Our Beginner Special

We’re four days into the New Year, which means, we’re also four days into Learn to Ski or Snowboard Month!  This initiative promotes children and adults learning a snow sport from professional instructors.  Crested Butte Mountain Resort is offering discounted lessons and rentals for adult first-timers.  We believe a lifetime of skiing and riding fun can be had if you start with a foundation of basic knowledge from our world-class instructors.  So if you’ve always wanted to learn to ski or snowboard, this is the month to do...